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GENUS - News & Activities

July 2015:

GENUS / ISATEC Master student Rashid Imam honoured for best talk at 39th Annual Larvae Fish Conference

GENUS Master student Rashid Iman from ZMT in Bremen has been honoured with the 2015 (2016) Sally Richardson Award for the best student talk at a conference. His talk was titled 'Metabolic enzymatic activity in early life stages of key fish species from the Northern Benguela Upwelling system'. [more]


February 2015:

GENUS plenary meeting

All GENUS sub-projects have met at the University of Hamburg on Feb. 19. More than 20 scientists discussed the current state of the project and prepared their work for the finale stage of GENUS II.


Meteor Cruise M-100/1:

The final cruise report is online. Download here.


January 2015:


Scientists and technicians from the Institute for Baltic Research in Warnemünde and from the University of Hamburg participated in the first monitoring cruise along the Namibian coastline with the Namibian FRS MIRABILIS. The main object was to operate on long-term mooring deployments which are part of the Namibian-German research cooperation. This cruise was also part of the GENUS capacity building program. The cooperation between Namibian and German institutions is gratefully acknowledged!

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