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GENUS - Expeditions

RV Meteor M 103 December 2013 - February 2014:

Walvis Bay (Namibia) - Walvis Bay (Namibia), 27. Dec. 2013 - 11. Feb. 2014

The cruise M-103 "NAMUFIL" was the second fully funded project expedition during GENUS II. Leg 1 was dedicated to sediment-water-interface exchange processes and a synoptic overview about the northern Benguela Upwelling System during weak upwelling conditions. Leg 2 focused on the succession of a filament. More...

RV Meteor M 100/1 September 2013:

Walvis Bay (Namibia) - Walvis Bay (Namibia), 01. Sep. - 01. Oct. 2013

The anniversary cruise M-100/1 "NamBound" was the first fully funded project expedition during GENUS II. Main target of this cruise was a filament structure in the northern Benguela upwelling system. More...

RV Mirabilis January 2013:

GENUS joined a research cruise off Walvis Bay with the new Namibian RV MIRABILIS.

The cruise was partly dedicated to the GENUS project work (mooring operations, water mass detection and plankton research). In addition, with several students from Namibia and Angola on board, this cruise was also part of the GENUS capacity building program and was supported by the subprojects 2, 3 and 5.

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RV Maria S. Merian MSM 18/4 July/August 2011:

Libreville (Gabon) - Walvis Bay (Namibia) 24. Jul. - 20. Aug. 2011

This is only a GENUS affiliated research cruise performed by the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Research in Warnemünde. See program ABIMIX for additional information.


RV Maria S. Merian MSM 17/3 January - March 2011:

Walvis Bay (Namibia) - Dakar (Senegal) 30. Jan. - 07. Mar. 2011

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RRS Discovery Cruise D-356 September/Oktober 2010

Walvis Bay (Namibia) - Cape Town (South Africa) from 10. Sep.  - 13. Oct. 2010

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FRS Africana Cruise 258, December 2009

Cape Town (South Africa) - Walvis Bay (Namibia) 01.12 - 07.12.2009
Walvis Bay (Namibia) - Cape Town (South Africa) 07.12 - 18.12.2009
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RV Maria S. Merian 07/2 and 07/3

Productivity and Life Cycles of Plankton and Nekton in the Coastal Upwelling Area of the
Benguela Shelf – Trophic and physical-chemical Control mechanisms Plankton-Gimber

MSM 07/2a: 19.02.2008 - 08.03.2008: Las Palmas - Walvis Bay
MSM 07/2b: 09.03.2008 - 19.03.2008: Walvis Bay - Walvis Bay
MSM 07/3: 21.03.2008 - 16.04.2008: Walvis Bay - Mindelo

Short Cruise Reports (MSM 07/2a; MSM 07/2b; MSM 07/3)
Cruise Report MSM 07 Leg 2-3 published in September 2012 (Download)


RV Meteor 76/2


15.05.2008 - 05.06.2008
Walvis Bay - Walvis Bay
Short Cruise Report M76/2


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